Guiding star for sustainable

The sustainability impact of any purchase hinges on two decisions: First, which product you buy, and second, from which supplier. Typically, the outcome mostly depends on the product choice. That is why we all urgently need guidance on products’ sustainability.

Rankings ranks products on sustainability from 0 to 100. Please find actual product rankings here.
The ESG-Score labelling of products can be integrated in procurement systems and online shops.


Professional purchasing guidelines demand that, before making a product choice, one shall compare all available products with regards to their footprints in the commodity group specific hotspots. That is exactly what we do for you:

1. Specific hotspots
Ingredients are key: Via materials, processes and risks, which play a role in a commodity group, we elaborate its critical impact areas: the hotspots.
2. Sustainability indicators
To be able to compare the products with regards to the commodity group's hotspots, we identify and weight appropriate data points: sustainability indicators.
3. Product scoring
Based on the sustainability indicator data, we rank the products. The table leader obtains an ESG-Score of 100 as it leaves 100% of the other products behind.

Please click here to get to the notebook's product scorings. delivers exactly the guidance that needs who wishes to procure sustainably